The Best Online Platforms for Learning Programming

I have been teaching computer programming for a couple of years. However, online programming tutorials are designed for beginner coders to elite developers. Programming help and tips from coding forums online can help any teenager or student become a better programmer. Below we will share some of the best platforms for learning programming.girl writing


Many teachers and kids already know about began the yearly Hour of Code each December in libraries and classrooms around the world. Countless pupils have coded, with their one-hour tutorials supplied by dozens of partner organizations. However, also has a comprehensive program by grade level for children and educators. And teenagers can learn how to program apps utilizing the website’s JavaScript block-based tutorials. This is the best stepping-off point for children to learn how to code. also supplies links to additional sources where teenagers can find out more about coding.

Harvard CS50

macHarvard’s CS50 is just one of the finest available comprehensive introductory programming classes accessible on the internet. CS50 is taught via ed X, and enrollment is done on the ed X website. The program is ideal for pupils in grades 11-12. Be aware there is also an AP version of the class for high school pupils.

Students may get help for homework in one of many forums out there for this program. They will submit their completed missions. The assignments will be checked and rated for proper syntax and validated the code functions as required. But due to the time required, it might take 15 weeks or longer to finish. The training course is free of charge, but there’s a fee when the student wants to get a formal certification.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s programming class is a tremendous self-paced programming platform. With free online enrollment, students may progress through the program, making points as they go. Teachers and parents may also monitor their kids’ progress. If you are not yet acquainted with Khan Academy, then make sure to check in its excellent free learning tools in each subject area for teens who want to learn to code.

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