Electronic Learning

Electronic learning which is commonly referred to as e-learning has been embraced by many students around the world. It has become popular because of the advancement in technology. However, students who choose to partake in the program often experience some difficulties that may hinder them from completing their course work successfully.

Common Problems E-Learning Students Face

Adaptability Struggle

Switching from the traditional method of learning of a face to face teacher and a classroom to a e-learningcomputer-based program can make the learning experience different for the students. Some of them are resistant to change, and that does not allow them to adapt to the home learning system easily. That can be comprehended because the online learning system is very different from the traditional system which involves listening and taking down notes. The online system demands spring into action. It requires dedication and aggressiveness.

Technical Issues

Online courses require strong internet connections for learning. However, most students are not provided with the high bandwidth or the strong internet connection that they need. That causes them to not catch up with their virtual classmates. Most of them complain that their learning becomes problematic because the weak monitors make it hard for them to follow the course management system.
Students are advised to know what type of technical support they need before enrolling for a course. In addition to that, they should equip themselves with the necessary resources to prevent setbacks along the way.

Computer Literacy

onlineAs much most students are tech savvy hence their abilities to operate computers, some students are computer illiterate. They can’t operate basic programs like Microsoft word and excel. That makes it hard for them to operate their files. Furthermore, when they experience any difficulties, they may not know what to do because they have no knowledge in that area. Proficiency is necessary for students who wish to pursue online courses because it enables them to manage their coursework in a timely manner without any difficulties.

Time Management

Online courses require a lot of time and intense wok for them to be completed successfully. Studies show that adults are the majority of e-learners because of their jobs and responsibilities. However, most of them rarely have enough time to take the courses due because of their various commitments. A regular schedule planner is needed because it will play a big role in reminding them about the set assignments and their due courses.