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The SAT Preparation Alternatives

The results of your School Aptitude Test, or SAT, may determine your chances to be admitted in a good college. The SAT uses the score to ensure that a student’s grades are not factual proof of a student’s total grading standard. It is a test system that provides a platform for determining a student’s justification and ability of a student although it might be quite challenging to take one.

SAT Test

Most people go to preparation academy or school to improve their SAT scores. There have many choices, such as Princeton Review and Kaplan that can help you increase your score up to a hundred points. It is such a tempting offer, but be ready to pay an exorbitant price in return for the service. Try out to find some alternatives that might offer an affordable price with the same high-quality preparation school and academy. It can be either you go to a self-study, get yourself a private tutor, or take an online tutor and course like Live SAT prep from Let’s review those three alternatives with their pros and cons before deciding which one is suitable for you.


self study SATSelf-study is a smart move when you can practice self-discipline to your strategic SAT plan. Buy some SAT practice materials and a study guide to start working on your self-study for SAT. This choice is usually a valuable decision for students who can master the material well with high proficiency and devotion to study the SAT consistently. However, this alternative has a limitation as it is all your responsibility to do everything on your own. In self-learning, you do not only have to read and practice more, but also assess and analyze your weakness while monitoring your progress. If you need to change your studying strategy to adjust to the current development, you also have to figure it out yourself.

Private Tutor

Private TutorHiring a private tutor does help your study preparing for the SAT. It is undoubtedly cost you less than a preparation academy or school for SAT, but most private tutors will not come to your place. It means that you have to commute and deal with traffic to reach to your tutor’s location. If you are lucky, you might find a tutor willing to come to your home, although the number is so small. Another thing that you need to consider about private tutor lies in the inflexibility of tutoring schedule. In this matter, you have to follow your tutor’s schedule that fits yours.

Online Tutor

There are some online tutors for studying and preparing for the SAT examination. It is a convenient alternative as you can choose your studying schedule and sit comfortably at home to get tutoring right away via the internet. More importantly, this version introduces the tutoring concept based on your needs to work on your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. You can get all the SAT strategic plans, the SAT preparation programs, the SAT practice tests, and the progress monitoring based on student necessity. With all the packages and benefits, an online tutor is even inexpensive. Parents do not have to worry about paying the tutoring fee. This way, this online tutor alternative means the most recommendable as it comes with more advantages in affordable tutoring.