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July 11, 2007

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With life as a pawn in a prestigious Boston law firm behind him, Scott Finn has set course through the more colorful back alleys and bedrooms of the legal world as a solo practitioner who dabbles in civil litigation, divorce law, and criminal defense. But his new environment and his nose for justice and fair play land him a case that could end up taking his life.

A policewoman is left for dead in an alley, but survives and points the finger at an El Salvadoran immigrant with ties to one of South America’s most dangerous and notorious gangs. There’s just one problem: the evidence suggests the wrong man’s been fingered. Finn, along with the maverick detective and stubborn ally Tom Kozlowski, must now navigate through this explosive case to save an innocent man’s life and to learn why decorated officers might be willing to risk their careers and even their lives by lying about the crime. But with time running out, it is Finn and Kozlowski whose lives hang in the balance as they search for the thin line between guilt and innocence.

Dark Harbor (2005)

Fiction/General ISBN:044657693X 9780446576932 Hardcover Dark Harbor (2005)

Fiction/General ISBN:0446615099 9780446615099 Paperback (mass market) The Betrayed (2006)

Fiction/General ISBN:0446576956 9780446576956 Hardcover The Betrayed (2006)

Fiction/General ISBN:0446615110 9780446615112 Paperback (mass market)